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Tips for Hiring a Seattle Accident Lawyer

Once you have determined that you need to hire a car accident lawyer, the next thing is to go about finding one. You definitely don’t want to settle for the first lawyer that you come across. You must first carry out due diligence, so as to ensure that you hire the right person for the job. Here are 6 factors to consider when you are hiring a Seattle accident lawyer.

Specialized lawyer

It is important that you hire a lawyer who has specialized in dealing with car accident cases. This assures you that they are familiar with the procedural laws of such cases. This increases your chances of winning your case, since the lawyer knows what they are doing. Instead of just hiring a general lawyer, go for one who has specialized in this area of focus.


Find someone who has experience handling such cases before. They should have successfully helped many of their previous clients before. A good track record shows that there will be higher chances of them winning the case on your behalf.


Only deal with reputable lawyers. You can check this out by going online to see how their previous clients rate them. Only deal with lawyers who have been favorably rated by their former clients. You can also take time to chat with some of the previous customers to get a feel of what their experience was like working with the lawyer. This will help you know whether it is a good idea to work with the lawyer or not.

Committed to your case

Hire someone who is committed to representing you. They should be available and have time to deal with your case. If they are too busy, they might not have sufficient time to handle your case well. So ask about the case load of the lawyer to determine whether they are a good match for you.

It is normal for a lawyer to handle multiple cases at the same time, but you need to find someone who is available to answer your questions and is available when you need them. They should also give you regular updates about how your case is progressing.

Good rapport

It is essential that you hire someone that you rapport well with. Given that you might have to spend a good chunk of time together throughout the case, having good rapport is important. If you don’t feel like you mesh well, it is advisable that you look for another lawyer that you get well along with.


Be sure that you can afford the fees charged by the lawyer. Most lawyers offer their services on a contingency basis. This basically means that they get paid when you get paid. You need to agree on the percentage of the proceeds that the lawyer will take and the percentage that you will remain with. Make sure that you understand about all the charges that are involved, such that you will not get surprises down the road.