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Your Legal Recourse After An Accident

There are times when an accident is simply unavoidable. None of the events that led to it could have been foreseen, and it was just the bad fortune of the drivers to be in a particular place on a particular day at a particular time. The accident you were in does not fit into this category. You are reasonably sure that it could have been avoided had the other driver been paying attention.

If you have been in an accident that owes to the negligence or recklessness of another driver, then you have the right to hire an accident attorney northampton, build up a case, and sue.

Your Legal Recourse

You take great pains to be safe on the road. Unfortunately, the kind of conscientiousness you maintain is not shared by everyone. There are some people who will not see the hazard they present when they send text messages, speak on the phone, and engage in talk with passengers. They do not understand that dedicating one’s full attention to the road and one’s surroundings must be the rule for each driver.

If you are convinced that the accident was caused because the other driver was in flagrant violation of traffic laws or was otherwise driving recklessly, then your best legal recourse is to sue them for reckless driving.

It’s About Justice

Hiring a lawyer and pursuing the person who has caused such disruption in your life in not about greed or revenge; it is all about justice. The traffic accident has taken its toll. It has led to the accumulation of medical bills and the loss of revenue—from having to take time off work to recover. You should not be made to absorb these costs alone. The person who was inattentive and negligent should be made to pay part of the price. Tort law gives empowers you to seek compensation for the injury you’ve suffered.

The Role Of Your Attorney

Your claim begins with your suspicions and your personal witness to what the other driver was up to before the crash. That is not enough to go on if you are to be successful. It is the job of your lawyer to build your case into something much more robust and effective. Your lawyer is trained to gather facts, employ eyewitness and subject matter experts, introduce forensic evidence, and apply the relevant bits of law that help your case.

The suit need not be adjudicated in court. It is possible to settle the matter without going to trial. In this instance, you will need to ensure you have an attorney who is able to negotiate effectively. The money you have had to pay, the earnings you have been deprived of, the pain and suffering you have had to endure have a dollar value. It is possible to ask for a specific amount of money in compensation. Your lawyer will help you work this out. They will also represent you in the negotiations to get the figure you arrive at.