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Advocating for Yourself and Your Future after a Devastating Injury

The last thing you may want to worry about after being hurt at work is how you are going to support your family.  Your injury may prevent you from going back to work, leaving you without any type of income with which to provide for your household.

When you need help pursuing justice and compensation from your employer’s insurance, you may be ready to reach out to a highly trained and experienced legal advocate.  When you retain a law firm, mediator, or long term disability lawyer Tigard OR clients like you may receive the full compensation to which you are entitled under the current state and federal laws.

Knowing When to Act

Workers comp laws are very precise in what they require from injured workers.  You may only have a set number of days or weeks to be seen by a doctor and to file a claim against your employer’s insurance.  If you miss out on this narrow window of opportunity, you could have to pay for your expenses out of your own pocket.

Further, the statute of limitations on long term illnesses and injuries can be just as finite, which means you need to act now to file a claim and pursue the case in court.  Your lawyer will be able to act promptly to file the case and claim and put your legal matter in motion to win you the justice and compensation to which you are entitled.

Settling Out of Court

Many employers are eager to keep their names out of the media as well as the courtroom.  They do not want the public to know that one of their workers got hurt or sick on the job.  They do not want to incur the negative publicity that can come with drawn out workers comp cases.

To avoid the spotlight and negativity, your employer may offer you a settlement out of court.  Before you accept it, however, you should have it reviewed by your workers comp attorney.

The settlement may seem generous and fair.  However, it may not compensate you for all of your expenses including your current and future lost income.  Your lawyer can negotiate a deal that will protect you and your family now as well as years into the future.

A long term injury requires enough of your worry and attention.  You can entrust your workers comp legal case to a skilled attorney who practices in this area of law.