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7 Signs You’ve Got the Wrong Lawyer!

Sometimes, when you’re going through legal hassles, you look up at your lawyer, and suddenly realise; you’re rubbish! It’s true, we do sometimes hire the wrong person for the job. If you’re worried you might’ve done this, read on. Here’s seven signs you’ve hired the wrong lawyer.

Lack of Rapport

Legal battles and situations can be protracted, tricky and stressful. That’s why you need a lawyer who you can build a real rapport with, someone who you feel supports you, and really has your back. You can’t really make do with someone you don’t get on with properly, if your lawyer and you aren’t clicking, time to look for a new option.

They Don’t Explain Things Properly

Legalese and all the complicated, convoluted jargon surrounding all things legal is difficult to understand for most of us. That means that in order for you to fully understand your options, your lawyer has to explain things thoroughly and properly. There’s no getting around that, if your lawyer isn’t taking the time to explain the situation fully, you need to get looking for someone who will.

No References

One of the best ways to find the right lawyer for you and your situation is to get references and recommendations. If you’re having doubts about your legal representation, and you’ve got nothing in the way of references and recommendations to back them up, ask them to see some references. If they don’t have much to show you, find a new lawyer.


Sometimes, an inexperienced lawyer is absolutely fine, especially if you’ve got a fairly uncomplicated case where you know things are going to go smoothly. If yours isn’t quite so straightforward, and you’re concerned that things might go awry, you need a skilled, experienced legal professional.

Bad Communication Skills

Lawyers that are amazing whizzes in the courtroom, but who are absolutely incapable of breaking it down into normal human speech might seem impressive at first, but what they really are is only useful in very certain circumstances. That means you’re going to struggle to put them to use on your situation as completely as you might a lawyer who can communicate properly. You need a lawyer that can explain themselves clearly and efficiently.

Too Expensive

This basically goes without saying, but you can’t even consider hiring a lawyer or legal firm if you can’t afford them. You have to search within your price range, or there’s really no point searching, because when you do find that perfect lawyer, you’re not going to be able to get them. Don’t hire a lawyer that’ll bankrupt you.

They Don’t Have Any Real Endorsements

When you do find a lawyer, you need to make sure that they are fully endorsed by the right kinds of societies and bodies. For lawyers, one of the biggest and most prestigious is Lawyers of Distinction. If you’ve a lawyer who’s a member of these, you know you’re onto a winner.