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Hire the best Anchorage court-martial attorneys

Lawyers are very important as when you get in legal trouble, you would need the assistance from someone that knows how the system works. The military has its own rules and regulations that every military personnel should follow. This set of rules is known as Uniform Code of Military Justice. If military servicemen do something that is considered as a crime in the Uniform Code of Military Justice or UCMJ, they can face trial in military courts or the court-martial.

The punishment or penalty for the offense is based on the severity of the crime like disobeying orders, leave without notice which is not so severe. Whereas murder, homicide, sexual assault, drugs possession and fraud, and larceny are the more serious offenses. When you face charges from one of these offenses even though you are innocent, you will be treated like a criminal until the charges are cleared from you. This can affect your military career as well as personal life. Many families have been destroyed by cases like these. The honor and respect you lose are also included in the losses of being convicted of a crime in the military.

Being charged with an offense that you didn’t commit can be very frustrating and can leave you confused for a time. But this is not the moment to waste your time. The more you wait to hire an Anchorage court martial attorney, the lower the chances of you being proven innocent will become. So when you face a situation like this, it is better to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. Having an attorney will also help you prove before the jury that the charges against you are false. Being conflicted about which attorney to hire? Contact Law Office of Jocelyn C. Stewart, the military defense law firm in the US.

Law Office of Jocelyn C. Stewart has many offices across the United States in Tacoma, Bremerton and Fort Bragg. One office in Anchorage has recently opened, providing its esteem services to clients in the area. They have very experienced and talented lawyers in the Anchorage court martial firm that have worked as military defense attorney for years now. These lawyers are well versed in the intricacies of the military law and how to overcome them. When it comes to your career, you wouldn’t want to depend on someone who doesn’t have any experience in the field and most of the lawyers are like that.

The problem with hiring traditional lawyers for your court-martial case is that they only have knowledge of the civilian law. But the military law doesn’t work like that. These lawyers couldn’t even understand how the military jury works, much less proved you innocent. On the other hand, Anchorage court martial attorneys have the required knowledge and advocacy skills to fight with the most fearsome of opponents. They aren’t money mongers like other law firms that take on more cases for money. These lawyers don’t take the work in quantity, but only those in which they can help the most and give their full attention to upholding justice. Contact them if you are in any kind of trouble.

Why Law office of Jocelyn C. Stewart?

  • Hiring professional law firm is the most expensive part while dealing with such cases. There are numerous of law firms are available that are not suits every pocket. But engaging with the law office of Jocelyn C. Stewart, you can hire them at very low prices, unlike
  • Professional and experienced lawyers well versed in military law to ensure that they won’t be bested by other lawyers.
  • Branches available in many parts of the country including Anchorage, Tacoma, Bremerton and Fort Bragg.