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Law: Legal Responses to Labor Issues

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Labor Laws and Legal Responses to Labor Issues

Labor laws are the set rules and regulations that govern the interactions between the employer, employee and the government. These laws ensure that there are fair labor standards that employees enjoy. They may include standard wage rate for all employees, overtime payments, privacy protections, protections against discrimination among other standards. These laws have been set aside to settle many labor related issues that are facing many countries.

In recent year there has been a massive global movement of people in search of employment to end poverty and increase prosperity. These movements are characterized with a working age population that has energy for performing different task in labor force. However, this movement’s pose a challenge to different countries since with time there will be no enough jobs to absorb these workers.

International Labor Organization estimates that the world will need more than 600 million jobs in the next 10 years to be able to reduce the level of unemployment which has greatly increased. Countries therefore have a mandate to come up with policies that will ensure that the labor market is safeguarded and by use of labor regulations and policies. Labor laws ensure that the relationship between the employer and the employees is maintained so as the rights and the responsibilities of each worker can be maintained.

Labor markets and labor issues have become a global thing with different news and developments getting broadcasts everywhere in the social media and in international news broadcasters. And if you want to make a research project on this topic, you can apply to that can assist you during the whole process.

Recently there was report about the world biggest seed production company that violated the workers’ rights by breaking two labor laws which included that of agricultural workers protection and the labor standards act. These violations made the firm to face allegations suits for not observing the labor laws directives on minimum wages and working conditions. This shows how serious this labor laws are and that each employer has to follow them regardless of their financial status.

There has been also news on passing of new labor laws in different countries such as Brazil and Thailand. New labor laws reforms are important for countries to be able to follow suit in ensuring that employees’ rights are adhered to. In regard to this, World Bank also has been working with different countries to ensure that labor policies are well designed and are being implemented. We can therefore say that labor laws are very crucial in the management of the labor market of different nations and in the world as a whole.

United States is among the developed countries which are characterized with the high number of working immigrants. Although the country is faced with large number of illegal immigrants, recent news shows that the administration is enforcing new labor laws that will ensure there are no illegal immigrants working in the country. This has come as a blow to many people who are working in that country without legal credentials. However, this reforms will led to creations of good working environment for the people with legal credentials.

In regard to the immigration of people in different countries especially to the European unions has led to an increasing number of refugees working in a foreign country. However, these refugees are mostly poor and vulnerable for exploitation by employers in foreign states.  Refugees are among those employees that are faced with discrimination and exposed to harsh working conditions with low wages. Labor laws in the European countries have attempted to intervene for them and ensure that they have integrated well with the local society so that they can enjoy the same privileges.

European Union has established ways through which the refugees can interact well with the society and be able to receive the same services as the locals. This can be done through training of refugees workers so as to improve their skills and be able to work in good places. Also they can be educated so that they can understand their rights as employees and be able to pose complains whenever they feel that they are being mistreated.

Information technology sector has also been incorporated in the labor law policy making and implementation. Firms are now able to keep private and confidential information about their workers in a safe and secure place. This ensures that the firm adheres to the labor law that ensures the employees confidential information is not leaked to unwanted parties.

Finally, there has been a big challenge in determining the flexibility of the labor laws in the current labor markets. This is because there have been changes in the form of employments which is accompanied with changes in technology and demand for goods. Globalization and technology has led to increase in the flow of information in the labor market which forces firms to reorganize themselves to a more flexible basis. This may lead to non-standard and as well as flexible standard conditions emerging in the places of work. New reforms and changes in the labor law are required so as to cater for the changes in working times, new career jobs and more individual responsibility.