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Why are Cyber Criminals Targeting Lawyers and Law Firms?

Cyber criminals continually target industries with the most information rich client data, personal identifying information creates value for hackers. Outside of the medical industry the legal profession possesses and distributes the most comprehensive data on their clients. These criminals are also armed with the information the legal field is one of the least advanced from a cyber protection standpoint based on the limited regulatory requirements for stricter security standards.

Few law firms advertise for client growth, most practices build the success of their firm on reputation management and referral business. This begs the question why there is so little attention payed to ensuring the strength of their technology profile in the protection of their client data? An alarming statistic presented in a recent article What to Do “a cybersecurity firm Mandiant estimated at least 80 of the 100 biggest firms in the country by revenue have been hacked since 2011”.

With the largest firms experiencing breach statistics of this magnitude, what hope do smaller firms have of thwarting the attacks of sophisticated criminals? More than you would think, if simple steps are employed to ensure the integrity of your digital network.

What are the actions law firm should take to ensure digital information security?

There are three main aspects where firms can make significant improvement to limit a cyber-criminal’s ability to compromise client confidentiality and data integrity.  Educate staff on how to prevent data breaches, employ basic network security protocols, and encrypt all digital communications.

Educate Staff

Organizational staff have two major challenges in keeping data integrity at optimal levels – increasing workloads allow for little attention to detail and limited understanding of how security vulnerabilities occur create potential for hackers to have unlimited access.  Provide an education program for your staff allowing them to know where most hackers advance into the network, teach about social engineering, phishing scams and assist then to be hyper vigilant as they are your first line of defense.  Additionally, as work load increase create a series of checks and balances to certify client information and communication has not been handled haphazardly.

Employ Security Protocols

There are simple steps which can be deployed to prevent your firm from being an easy target.

  • Make sure you Wi-Fi network utilizes encrypted protocols to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Limit social media access preventing open points for intrusion.
  • If the recipient email address does not match the reply address restrict delivery (preventing ransomware).
  • Have computers automatically lock after being idle for 5 minutes
  • All passwords must be complex, made-up of a minimum of 8 characters (letter, numbers, symbols).

By employing these simple steps, you can take control of your network and make significant improvements in the security of your firm’s sensitive information.

Encrypt Digital Communication

Encryption is one of the most effective ways to prevent information from being compromised by cyber criminals. Communication in transit such as email is one of the most vulnerable communication paths without the appropriate security. Deploying an encryption system which allows you to communicate with your clients and other firms are critical to maintaining protections essential in the legal profession.  However, while advancing security protocols ensure you are selecting a system which provide the appropriate administrative controls as well as simplicity for your clients.

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